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Balancing the Art of Arboriculture with the Science of Forestry
Dive into Axe Contracting's profound expertise in both forestry and arborist services, spanning over 13 years across global landscapes. Witness our unwavering commitment to safety, cutting-edge techniques, and dedicated passion for nature and client satisfaction. Partner with us for a brighter, greener future.
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Our Roots and Journey

Born in 2018, Axe Contracting has swiftly risen to become a beacon in the forestry service industry, offering specialized solutions in tree management, wildfire fuels reduction, and hazard mitigation. Serving a diverse clientele that includes private landowners, public bodies, and government agencies, our prowess stems from over 13 enriching years in the global forestry sector.

With an arsenal of specialized equipment, a battalion of trained and seasoned professionals, and a dedication that prioritizes safety above all, Axe Contracting stands tall, rooted firmly in its core values and comprehensive management strategies.

Our Objective and Vision

At the heart of Axe Contracting lies a mission that transcends traditional forestry practices. We envision forward-thinking forestry and tree management services, built upon robust relationships with our esteemed clients. Our pledge to deliver unparalleled workmanship goes hand-in-hand with our unwavering commitment to safety, reliability, and genuine respect for all stakeholders involved.

Having navigated the diverse forests of both the United States and Australia, the backbone of our success is the cumulative 13+ years of technical experience I bring. This journey has instilled in me a work ethic centered around safety, teamwork, open communication, and an insatiable thirst for quality results.

Axe Contracting: Forest before wildfire fuels reduction

Notable Projects and Global Footprints

Our footprint isn’t just limited to the terrains of Oregon. From executing roadside hazard tree mitigation projects in Sherbrook, VIC, Australia to participating in the Beachie Creek & Lionshead wildfire clean-up on OR-HWY 222, our scope of influence is vast and varied. Other notable undertakings include fuels thinning for the City of Sisters Wastewater Treatment Plant and remote access power line clearance projects for industry giants such as Appalachian Electric, Pacific Power, and Portland Gas & Energy.

Crafting Green Legacies, Together

Our story isn’t just about trees or forests; it’s about creating a symbiotic relationship with nature, ensuring the safety of communities, and building sustainable futures. It’s about collaborating, communicating, and crafting legacies that future generations can lean on.

Axe Contracting: Forest before wildfire fuels reduction

Partner with Axe Contracting: The Pioneers in Forestry!

Embark on a journey towards safer, greener, and more sustainable landscapes. Connect with us today and witness a transformation rooted in expertise and dedication.
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