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Trees are majestic, but understanding their stability is crucial. Axe Contracting, bridging nature's wonder with human safety.
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Tree Risk Assessment Overview

Trees are an indispensable part of our environment, providing aesthetic, ecological, and economic benefits. However, like all living entities, they can age, weaken, or become diseased, potentially posing risks. That’s where our specialized Tree Risk Assessment service shines. With over a decade in the industry, we blend our on-ground experience with advanced technology to provide comprehensive evaluations that prioritize your safety.

Tree Risk Assessment isn’t just about looking at a tree and making a guess.

Here’s how we approach it:

  • Ground-Based Inspection: The basics matter. We start by observing visible signs at the tree’s base.
  • Advanced Drone Technology: Sometimes, we need an aerial view to understand potential risks better. Our drones offer a comprehensive perspective.
  • Disease & Pest Detection: Trees can become vulnerable due to pests or diseases. We identify these factors early.
  • Environmental Analysis: We consider surrounding elements, including infrastructure and other plants, that might influence a tree’s stability.
  • Expert Witness Findings: Our reports can be utilized in legal scenarios, backed by recognized certifications.
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Have questions about Tree Risk Assessment?
How often should I get a tree risk assessment?
It depends on various factors, including the tree's age and health. But generally, every couple of years is a good rule.
Can a diseased tree be saved?
Often, yes! Early detection and the right interventions can frequently halt or even reverse disease progression.
Will your assessment disturb my property?
Not at all. Our methods are non-invasive, prioritizing both tree and property integrity.
Can you assess multiple trees at once?
Absolutely. Whether it's a singular tree or an entire grove, we're equipped for it.
What happens if a tree is deemed high risk?
We'll provide a detailed action plan, whether that’s ongoing monitoring, treatment, or, in extreme cases, removal.
How long does an assessment typically take?
The duration can vary based on the tree's size and condition, but we always aim to be thorough yet efficient.
Your safety is paramount. Trust Axe Contracting to evaluate the trees gracing your property. Schedule your comprehensive Tree Risk Assessment today!
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