Creating Defensible Space

Fortifying Your Property,
Crafting Defensible Spaces
Axe Contracting crafts defensible spaces, striking a harmonious balance between aesthetics and safety, ensuring your home stands resilient against wildfires.
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Creating Defensible Space Overview

Fire doesn’t discern between a forest and a home. Its path can be unpredictable, but your defense against it shouldn’t be. Creating a defensible space is more than just clearing out vegetation; it’s about designing a protective shield around your property. With Axe Contracting, you’re not just investing in a yard; you’re securing peace of mind.

Crafting a Resilient Perimeter:

  • Zone Identification: We begin by marking zones around your property. The Immediate Zone (0-5 feet from the house) receives the highest scrutiny, with selective vegetation and fire-resistant materials. The Intermediate Zone (5-30 feet) focuses on creating gaps between trees and shrubs. The Extended Zone (30-100 feet) involves spaced planting to prevent fire spread.
  • Vegetation Management: Not all plants are created equal in terms of fire risk. We replace highly flammable vegetation with fire-resistant varieties, ensuring beauty without compromising safety.
  • Routine Maintenance: Overgrown grass, accumulated debris, or dead plants can act as fuel. Regular upkeep ensures these potential threats are minimized.
  • Infrastructure Assessment: Beyond vegetation, even certain structures or materials can pose a risk. We evaluate and offer guidance on replacing flammables like wooden fences or decks with safer alternatives.
Axe Contracting: View of a forest fire in the distance illustrating the need for creating, and maintaining, defensible spaces around your structures.


Have questions about Creating Defensible Space?
How often should I maintain my defensible space?
It's advisable to inspect and maintain it annually, especially before the fire season. Regular upkeep, like clearing debris, is crucial.
Can a defensible space guarantee my home's safety during a wildfire?
While it significantly reduces the risk, no measure can offer a 100% guarantee. However, it vastly improves your home's chances of withstanding a wildfire.
Is creating a defensible space expensive?
Costs can vary based on property size and specific requirements. However, considering the safety and peace of mind it provides, many see it as a valuable investment.
Will it affect the aesthetic appeal of my property?
Our goal is to blend safety with aesthetics. While some vegetation might be removed or replaced, we aim for a visually pleasing yet safe environment.
Are there legal requirements for defensible spaces?
Some areas, especially those prone to wildfires, might have regulations. It's essential to check local guidelines, and our team can assist in ensuring compliance.
How long does the process take?
The duration can vary based on property size and the scope of work. After the initial assessment, we provide a more precise timeframe.
Guard your home with Axe Contracting's expertise in creating defensible spaces. For a blend of aesthetics and unmatched safety, connect with us today and fortify your first line of defense against wildfires.
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