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Tree Management and Removal Overview

Let’s be real, trees are a big deal. They offer shade, beauty, and play a massive role in our environment. But sometimes, they either grow in the wrong places or pose a safety risk. That’s where our Tree Management and Removal service steps in. We want to ensure each tree gets the proper care or, if necessary, is taken down safely. Whether it’s a trim, a prune, or a full removal, we’ve got your back.

Tree Management isn’t about just cutting branches.
Here’s what it involves:

  • Utility Line Clearance Pruning: We keep trees at a safe distance from power lines. No one wants outages or hazards.
  • Structural Pruning: This isn’t just about looks; it’s about ensuring a tree grows right and stays strong.
  • Health Checks: Trees get sick too. We diagnose and treat before it becomes a bigger issue.

Tree Removal? We do it smartly and safely:

  • Risk-Based Approach: We won’t suggest removal unless it’s genuinely needed.
  • Safe Techniques: Our team and equipment are top-notch. We remove trees without messing up your space.
  • Stump Handling: After removal, we can grind that stump down, so it’s like the tree was never there.
Axe Contracting: Tree management - utility tree clearance and removal


Have questions about Tree Management and Removal?
Can you handle big trees near power lines?
Absolutely. We have special pruning techniques for trees near utility lines.
How long does the removal process take?
Depends on the tree. But post-inspection, we’ll give you a good idea.
Is stump removal part of the deal?
It can be. We offer stump grinding as an add-on.
Will my garden be a mess afterward?
No way. We respect your space and clean up after ourselves.
What if I need a tree removed urgently?
Safety first! If a tree's a hazard, we act quickly.
How do you decide if a tree should be removed?
We check its health, see if it poses any danger, and then make a recommendation. We won't jump to removal if it's not needed.
Let’s work together. Trust Axe Contracting to handle your trees with care and professionalism. Reach out today!
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