Camp Sherman, OR

Camp Sherman's Wilderness, Revered
Axe Contracting: Your partner in nurturing and safeguarding the pristine forests and trees of Camp Sherman.
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Our Commitment to Camp Sherman, OR

Nestled alongside the Metolius River, Camp Sherman is not just a hamlet—it’s a testament to nature’s grandeur. At Axe Contracting, we resonate with the soul of Camp Sherman, working tirelessly to ensure its lush landscapes receive the expert care they deserve.

What We Do In Camp Sherman, OR

Forestry Services:

  • Logging:

    Adhering to environmentally-friendly logging that complements Camp Sherman’s dedication to conservation.

  • Land Clearing and Site Prep:

    Making way for sustainable development while preserving the essence of the forested lands.

  • Wildfire Fuels Reduction:

    Proactive measures to minimize fire risks and safeguard the verdant surroundings.

  • Creating Defensible Space:

    Constructing protective zones to shield Camp Sherman’s homes and cabins from wildfires.

  • Debris Chipping and Mastication:

    Turning tree waste into resources, in line with Camp Sherman’s ecological ethos.

Arborist Services:

Why choose Axe Contracting in Camp Sherman, OR

From the iconic Metolius Springs to the towering Black Butte, Camp Sherman is a place of wonders. Our team at Axe Contracting is deeply familiar with the ecological significance of these sites. Each project here is embarked upon with a profound sense of responsibility and dedication to the environment.

Deep-rooted in Oregon’s culture and landscapes, Axe Contracting is the top choice for Camp Sherman’s forestry and arborist needs. Our impeccable track record, coupled with our affinity for Oregon’s wilderness, ensures that the natural grace of Camp Sherman remains untouched and flourishes.

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We are currently performing the following services in Camp Sherman, OR: