Silverton, OR

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Crafting the future of tree and forest care, enhancing the ecological beauty of Silverton one project at a time.
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Our Commitment to Silverton, OR

Silverton, known for its Silver Falls State Park and the renowned Oregon Garden, offers scenic vistas that require expert attention. Axe Contracting is deeply entrenched in nurturing and maintaining this dynamic environment.

What We Do In Silverton, OR

Forestry Services:

  • Logging:

    Implementing strategic timber harvesting to optimize forest health while upholding Silverton’s environmental standards.

  • Land Clearing and Site Prep:

    Setting the foundation for your next venture while championing the natural aesthetics of Silverton.

  • Wildfire Fuels Reduction:

    Taking charge to diminish the threat of wildfires and ensure a safe, flourishing forest landscape.

  • Creating Defensible Space:

    Modifying terrains to function as wildfire shields, fortifying both properties and natural habitats.

Arborist Services:

Why choose Axe Contracting in Silverton, OR

Understanding Silverton’s unique terrain, from its waterfalls to its botanical richness, empowers us to offer unmatched tree and forestry services. Our local presence amplifies the dedication we bring to the Silverton community.

Embedded in Silverton’s heart, we’re committed to its nature, from the mesmerizing South Falls to its rich bird species like the Western Tanager. Every decision we make resonates with Silverton’s essence.

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We are currently performing the following services in Silverton, OR: